Two Working Together

“Two are better than one because they have a good return for their labor.” Ecclesiastes 4:9 (NASB)

The speaker shared how much weight a draft horse can pull, comparing the amount one can pull to the weight two can pull. Surprised, I later googled “weight a draft horse can pull.” The online article* compared the weight one can pull to two, and also compared the pulling ability of two trained horses working together. The stats were staggering. According to the article, one horse can pull 8,000 pounds; two trained animals who have worked together can pull 32,000 pounds. Thirty-two thousand pounds! That’s four times the amount a single animal can pull!!

What would life look like if I committed to “pull” with the Lord?

What would my life look like if every day I chose to “train” and work in unison with Him? How much more could be accomplished if I committed to being fully yoked with Him?

To work that closely I would have to commit to trusting His every move, even the ones that seem to make no sense or disappoint. No pulling back, no getting distracted or drifting in a different direction, toward another goal. My only goal would have to be His goal. I would need to make a conscious choice to move only when He moves, to be still when He is still. To be listening at all times. What would that life look like?

It would look like Jesus’ life.

It would be a life lived abiding in the reality of His presence. A life of quiet obedience and deep peace. A life lived in constant conversation (prayer) with Him. It would be a life that would bring the Father glory and great joy.

*Tim Maurer, Horse Sense.

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