Shamed by a Dog

“‘… only believe.’” (Mark 5:36, New American Standard Bible)

I read a story about a dog* who would follow his master to the train station each morning and wait at the station for his return. Sadly, one day the man died at work. The dog sat waiting at the station for his master’s return … for ten years.

I am put to shame by a dog.

With undying faithfulness and total trust, the dog waited watching expectantly for his master. He remained confident, not doubting the faithfulness of his master. Presumably, the dog never considered he might have been forgotten, might have been abandoned. He just waited… patient… trusting… believing in the faithfulness of his master until the day he (the dog) died.

There are times the undying faith and unquestioned trust of this dog put my faith and trust in You to shame. Forgive me, Lord.

Lord, help me to wholeheartedly trust You, to know in the depth of my heart that regardless of what I can see You are there and You are faithful. Help me to trust that even when I cannot sense Your presence or hear You voice You are with me, championing me, with a plan for my welfare (Jeremiah 29:11). Help me always remember You would never desert or forsake me (Hebrews 13:5). Help me to be as trustingly committed to You, my Master, as this dog was to his.

*Hachiko, an Akita, lived in Japan. Source: Wikipedia.

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