An Appointed Time for Everything

“There is an appointed time for everything, And there is a time for every event under heaven…” Ecclesiastes 3:1 NASB

Autumn. Each time the wind blows, dying gold-brown leaves flutter like snowflakes to the ground. Next will be bare brown trees; from a distance, they’ll look like a man with a thinning crew-cut. But there was brilliance.  

Fall in New England is an undeniably beautiful season. Not green and buzzing like spring with its hope of new life, or ripe and fertile with the promise summer’s harvest, but it explodes with vivid, brilliant colors displaying the glory of life lived well. It comes before the apparent desolation of winter.

Through the seasons You display the journey to eternal life.

The fading glory of autumn and the silent sleep of winter leads us to a season of new birth. Knowing Jesus this new season is everlasting, to be enjoyed in His presence where the sun is never too hot and breezes never too cold. Tears and turmoil are replaced with peace, weariness is nonexistent. A season where joy is not just the norm, it is the everlasting daily reality of life.

Lord, as I move through the fall of my life, help me not despair the season. Instead, help me look with hope at its potential brilliance and joyfully anticipate eternal life with You.

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