That’s a Box

“Abide in Me, and I in you.” (John 15:4a, New American Standard Bible)

My three-year-old grandson was “flying” around the kitchen playing airplane. Suddenly he began slowing down, gradually descending to the floor. “I’m out of gas.” “Well,” I said holding out my hand to demonstrate, “you could glide into the gas station and get some gas.” Without looking I moved my hand behind me. He looked at me. “That’s a box.” I hadn’t noticed the box sitting in the corner. Obviously, you can’t fill the tank of your imaginary airplane at a box.

How often do I try to fill-up at the wrong place? Watching TV, hanging out on the internet, or chit-chatting with others instead of pausing at the throne of grace? If a three-year-old realizes you can’t fill the tank of your imaginary plane at a box, then surely I should recognize the only place I can “fill-up” is in Your presence.

While pretend gas stations seem to be few in my house, Your presence is everywhere; filling-up just takes stopping a moment to acknowledge You, to bathe in Your presence. Just for a moment. I can do that any time.

Maybe that’s part of the problem: any time easily turns into no time. I can go a whole day without pausing even for a moment to speak with You, to thank You for Your generous blessings (like the sunshine pouring through my window), to fill my spirit with Your loving presence.

The imaginary airplane can fly around my kitchen for hours but, Lord, help me remember I need to pause in Your presence for regular fill-ups.

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