Because I Said So

“‘I [the Lord] know what I am doing. I have it all planned out….’” (Jeremiah 29:11a, The Message)

Holding my one-month-old granddaughter I walked to the first staircase landing. “Hold onto the railing,” I said, turning to look over my shoulder. Her big (three-year-old) brother walked down behind us. “Why?” Having already had a couple of unsatisfying conversations I skipped directly to “Because I said so.” Long pause. Frustrated sigh. An attempted eye roll (on a three-year-old! – the presentation was off but the intention was clear). Caught between annoyance and laughter I watched as he finally grabbed the railing and descended the stairs.

Long pause. Frustrated sigh. Eye-roll. Is that what You see when I question Your direction, Your will for me? Is my response to You reminiscent of my three-year-old grandson who sometimes thinks he’s a superhero, doesn’t accept the possibility of a fall or understand the injury a head-over-heels tumble can cause? “Because I said so” isn’t a satisfying answer for him. But my will was not for his understanding it was for his safety. My focus was his best interest.

Your focus is and has always been my “best interest.” Yet, how often have I looked for a detailed explanation that I may not understand or wouldn’t accept? Why is it hard for me to believe that when You say “no” or “wait” it’s part of a better plan? That if I persist in doing it my way I might just take a tumble?

Ultimately, it’s a choice.

Father, help me choose to “act my age.” Help me consistantly choose wholehearted trust in You.

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