Who Moved?

“…I am with you always [remaining with you perpetually – regardless of circumstance, and on every occasion]…” (Mathew 28:20, Amplified Bible)

Holding my new granddaughter in one arm, I managed to work pretty well with the other hand. She had eaten (and eaten and eaten!), been changed and now nestled in the crock of my arm, contentedly sucking her favorite pacifier. She squirmed; she lost the pacifier. Her contented expression changed, she was revving up for a wail. Looking down to replace the pacifier I quietly said, “You moved.”

I realize that in those times when I’m ready to wail in frustration, wondering where You are, where You have gone, it’s not You that moved, it’s me. Maybe I haven’t moved very far, maybe I just let my eyes wander. But like letting go of the side of a pool before learning to swim, I find myself gripped with anxiety – if not cold, hard fear – crying, “Where have You gone?!”

Then I remember: it’s not You who moved, it’s me.

Father, help me choose wholehearted trust. Help me choose to keep my focus on You knowing You have never – nor will You ever – “move.”

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