Baby Skunks

“…fixing our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of faith…” (Hebrews 12:2, New American Standard Bible)

One morning Ellen* opened her front door to find two baby skunks on her lawn. Frightened, with tails raised the youngsters nervously backed away. Of course, backing up they were unable to see where they were going. They backed into each other. Startled, they instinctively sprayed douching each other with their unique aroma. It was an extremely funny sight (though I doubt mama skunk was laughing when her two stinky babies returned).

When I back away, refusing to do something You have set before me, I’m actually withdrawing into the unknown. As fearful as I may be, following You, trusting You, pursuing whatever You have placed before me is far less dangerous than backing away (even when I think I know what I’m “backing” into).

The only safe way to live is with my eyes fixed on You, patiently running the race You have chosen for me, not shrinking back or trying to run someone else’s race. My security is realized when I choose to trust You, remembering that You are and always will be faithful.

It’s also the only way to avoid backing into stink.

*Not her real name.

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