In her yellow and white polka-dot overalls, I watched as eleven-month-old Janie attempted her first steps. Tentative but determined, she let go of the square, oak coffee table, took one step… “plop;” her little bottom hit the dark blue carpet. Barely pausing, she reached for the table, pulled herself up and tried again …and again … and again. There was no doubt, no fear of failure, no concern that someone might laugh or ridicule her. There was only focused desire and dedicated intention. There was no worry the goal wouldn’t be achieved. She eventually got it.

“…perseverance [produces] character; and character, hope.” (Romans 5:4 New King James Version)

As we move through life we sometimes become discouraged. Voices of doubt assail us; often the loudest is our own. We wonder if the goal is worth the effort or if it’s even attainable. But when the Lord sets a task before us, it’s not for us to question, to wonder if it’s feasible or consider if it’s really a “good thing.” We are not to doubt ourselves or listen to the discouraging words of others. We are simply called to persevere, to do our best, to pull ourselves up and take that next, step …then the next… and the next, all the while choosing to trust the Lord.

Father, no matter what the task, help us persevere, help us choose to trust You.

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