Complicating Faith

Complicating Faith

“But overhearing what they said, Jesus said … ‘Do not fear, only believe.’” Mark 5:36 (NRSV)

As I deal with the almost overwhelming “what if’s” of the day I am reminded of something our pastor said: “Sometimes we just need to trust and not complicate our faith.”

How do I complicate my faith?

I complicate my faith when I insist on finding a Scripture that tells me if I do x You’ll do y. That complicates things; it makes my faith dependent more on my actions than on Your character, Your mercy, Your grace.

I complicate my faith when I hold my breath waiting for a sign, something tangible to assure me I’m on the right track, or that You will resolve the problem. I complicate it further when I question the sign received.

I complicate my faith when I refuse (or at the least fail) to discipline myself to look up at You instead of all around pondering the endless possible negative outcomes, putting stumbling blocks in my own path to trust, to believe.

I complicate my faith when I fail to remember all the times You have either solved the problem or given me the grace to endure.

I complicate my faith when I fail to trust You, when I don’t take time to quietly remind myself of Who You are (the Sovereign Lord of all and everything), time to remember all the grace You have already selflessly poured out on my behalf.

“Only believe.” Two simple words. It’s a choice (so much in life is). It should be simple, but sometimes it seems to take a Herculean effort to abide by them, to look up, focus on You and “only believe.” Yet I know for each step I take You will faithfully take so many more to help me “only believe.”

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