“…inquire of God, that we may know ….” (Judges 18:5, New King James Version)

Lydia and Steve are church friends. With her bright red hair, big smile and warm, outgoing personality I was surprised – and thankful! – to learn that she’s an engineer and a “computer person.” When she says “call me anytime” she really means it. So I called her, met with her and finally got a new Facebook page set-up. Steve is a tall, warm, outgoing person, too. His love for the Lord is obvious as he enthusiastically serves the church. His energy belies his age, suggested by a receding hairline.

On what was likely one of the last beautiful New England Sundays, Steve shared how he’d love to go to the beach and relax with Lydia and their two high-school-age boys. “But I have so much to do. When I try to relax my mind just keeps going and going and going. I feel like I should be working or doing chores, but I really want to spend time with my family.”

I smiled. “I think there’s a rule somewhere about that, about resting on the sabbath…..” We chuckled.

With a mother’s heart, during the service I prayed, “Lord, give me a word to share with Steve. He really wants to spend time with the family but he’s so conflicted. Please give me something to share with him.”

Partway through the service, I remembered something the Lord brought to mind the prior week. I thanked Him for giving me a word to share. After the service, I stood and turned to Lydia and Steve (we usually sit one row apart) and addressed them both.

“The next time you feel conflicted about what you should be doing and your mind is going and going and going: stop, take a breath, and ask the Lord what He wants you to do. Then ask Him to help you rest as you fulfill the task, whatever it is.”

They accepted His counsel with joy.

Lord, why is it we so seldom seek You first with our dilemmas? We know You have good plans for us, not in just the big stuff, but the smaller, day to day concerns as well. Help us remember to seek Your face, to inquire of You when we’re perplexed, anxious or confused. Help us remember that You are not only our Lord but, if we allow it, You will also be our wise and loving counselor, the One Who will faithfully guide us in the way we should go, and into peace.

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