A Very Small Mustard Seed

“’…truly I say to you, if you have faith the size of a mustard seed…nothing will be impossible to you.’” Matthew 17:20 NASB

A year ago the Lord gave me a hard nudge directing me to give up my job (the one with a regular paycheck). It wasn’t clear what He wanted me to do next, where He wanted me to go. Because the decision had life-changing ramifications I asked Him to “write it on a wall” for me; I couldn’t afford to get this one wrong.

He wrote it on a wall (so to speak). A few months later He ordered my steps showing me a book to read, one that helped clarify the next step. As much as I wanted to take that next step (more like a leap) I was afraid, afraid of the unknown and plagued by “what if” thoughts.

But I knew He values obedience more than almost anything. And I knew that in all things, in all seasons He is faithful and He wants me to wholeheartedly trust Him. So I took the giant step. It was a good start.

Months later l was feeling a bit discouraged, floundering. So I got on my face before Him and prayed: “Father, if I’m on the right path, if I’m moving in the right direction, going the way You want me to go please give me a sign.” I rarely ask for a sign. Maybe it’s because it seems that if I’m walking with Him in faith and trust a sign shouldn’t be needed, I should know His will.

This time I asked.

I had enough faith to ask but not enough to believe He would answer. He answered anyway, immediately confirming that I was on the correct path. I should have had the faith to believe He would answer; He always does. I may not like the answer, or there may be a long period of silence stretching my faith, but He always responds to honest, heartfelt prayers.

I believe this “sign” would have come even if I hadn’t asked for it; He knew I needed a word of encouragement. That doesn’t negate the fact that I asked with so little faith. Asking or not He reminded me again of His great faithfulness, faithful to answer a near faithless prayer or even a prayer unprayed.

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