A Face of Love

“‘…the Lord God…will be with you. He will not leave you nor forsake you…’” (1Chronicles 28:c)

When I think of the face of love, I see a mom with her baby, a volunteer in a soup kitchen, a small child offering a proudly made gift….

At the beach I saw another face. An older couple sat beneath their umbrellas. Between them was a child – a middle-aged child – resting on a kind of tarp suspended on a wheel-chair like stroller. I assume he was their child. He lay curled nearly into a ball, peacefully sleeping. How may years, I wondered, had this couple loving attended this child? Just attending to his essential needs must be a monumental task; but taking him to the beach – truly a non-essential – it boggles my mind. His parents were giving their lives to him… probably everyday of his life. Even if they had help with their son’s physical needs, to take the time to wheel him to sandy beach, that is a face of true commitment, of love.

Yet, deeper, and even more giving, is the love You show us. If the sacrifice these parents made over the years seems overwhelming – and to me it does – how much more amazing is the love You show us, have shown me? While I may sometimes be tempted to think “I deserve good,” I know better. While I did not bite the apple, I have the same nature… I don’t deserve anything, much less Your committed, sacrificial love… the love You give me each moment of every day.

I can barely wrap my mind around the depth of love and commitment this couple has shown their child. To realize Your love and commitment to me is even greater is like tying to imagine a bottle cap holding the ocean: it is impossible. Still, with undying devotion, You love me even more.

Lord, help me to trust You. Help me return Your limitless love for me.

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