We sat watching a new favorite television show. It’s an ongoing story of elite soldiers, their work and its impact on them and their families. I use to shy away from such dramas, but Your word tells me that You have had “valiant warriors” and “mighty men” for thousands of years.

It’s hard for me to understand how anyone could be a soldier (though I am deeply thankful for their service), unquestioningly following orders from another. But then, I don’t get how surgeons cut into the bodies of others, how window washers hang-out on scaffolding hundreds of feet in the air, or how mathematicians spend hours working with numbers. Each works in concert with their particular “wiring;” each plays an important part in Your plan.

For some time I’d been musing over the idea of “wiring.” Though we all fall into some general category, we are also “wired” for a specific type of pursuit. No two people have the same fingerprint, the same iris image, the same earprint. Inside and out, we are all wired a bit differently, created by You for a purpose. We are called to trust You, to faithfully follow You, to embrace how You have “wired” us and live out our purpose – not another’s. We are called to use the gifts and talents You have given to grow ourselves and to bless and encourage others.

“But the servant who received the one bag of silver dug a hole in the ground and hid the master’s money.” (Matthew 25:18, New Living Translation).

Help us, Father, to be truly thankful for the unique design, the “wiring” You have woven into us. Enable us to humbly embrace our special role in Your zillion-piece puzzle, a part we cannot fully appreciate in this life. Encourage us to be faithful and trust that You have given us an important role in Your plan, “wired” just as we are.

(C) Debbie Lowe, 2018

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