The Magnificent Gift

“‘…I will ask the Father to send you the Holy Spirit who will help you and always be with you.’” (John 14:16 Contemporary English Version)

I had been given a magnificent gift. It was given to me at great cost, an expense far greater than I could ever imagine. Too large to pack, yet I could take it everywhere I went. It would never grow old, rot, rust or wear out. When I first received it I was very excited! I valued the gift, loved it, talked about it to others. The gift was the focus of my life; it filled my days with joy.

Time went by, life got busy. Sometimes the gift would sit unacknowledged. I always valued it, but since it was unobtrusive it was easy to forget I had it, especially in the hecticness of life.

In a sermon I heard, “A true gift is given on purpose – not by accident – to bless and bring joy to the recipient.” The words returned to me the next morning: “true gift… given on purpose… to bless and bring joy…..”

When I ignore Your magnificent gift, when I fail to take time, I’m robbing myself of joy …. the joy You intended me to have. And I’m taking from You, the Gift Giver, the pleasure of seeing me delight in what You have so generously provided.

How stingy of me.

Father, help me to honor You by enjoying the magnificent and precious gift You have given me, the gift of Your Holy Spirit. Help me remember that the time it takes to honor the gift is nothing compared to the joy it brings us both.

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