Remembering He is Present

“And remember, I am with you always….” (Matthew 28:20, Christian Standard Bible)

I’m reading a book that shares what life was like when Jesus walked among us. His followers lived so differently from the way most of us live today. We rise, we pray, perhaps read a little Scripture and go about our day.

Not so when He walked with us. It seems people remembered the Lord throughout their day. They would send prayers to bless and praise Him for ordinary things, things we take for granted like the rain: “Blessed be the Lord God Who sends the rain to water the earth.”

Of course, they didn’t have newspapers and magazines let alone radio, television, and the internet to distract and fill the quiet spaces. In some ways, we are poorer for these things: we allow them to plunder the quiet needed to hear His still, small voice. We allow them to rob us of the depth of relationship He longs to have with us.

We can choose to change. We can choose not to glut ourselves on television, internet and other forms of entertainment and leave at least a little space for quiet, to listen for His voice. And we can choose to practice acknowledging His many blessings throughout our day, taking a moment to bless or thank Him not just at meal time, but when we open our eyes in the morning (“Bless You, Lord, and thank You for another day”), when we step out into the warm sunshine (“Bless Your Father for creating the sun and its warmth”), or see the smile on the face of a loved one (“Bless You Father for my sight; thank You that I can see my daughter’s smile”).

Lord help me to appreciate You enough to acknowledge You throughout my day. Help me remember to bless and thank You through the hours for Your presence in my life – enabled only because of the sacrifice of Your Son Christ Jesus.

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