“Insert Disc”

“Give ear, O Lord, to my prayer….” (Psalms 86:6, NASB)

Summer. To my heart, there’s no other season worth living through. But I live in New England, so my heart (along with the rest of me) has had to make an uncomfortable truce with that white stuff that shows up every winter. Yuck.

But it’s Summer! Yeah!! Another day at the beach with two of my best friends: my husband and my camera. I l-o-v-e looking through the lens and taking pictures. They allow me to freeze forever great times with my family and friends, beautiful “pictures” I’ve experienced that I can joyfully relive in any season. So while I might sometimes leave my husband at home, my camera always joins me at the beach.

Hadn’t been to this beach before; it’s beautiful. Not as nice as the ones in the Bahamas but lovely nonetheless. There must have been a storm out at sea. When we arrived the waves were absolutely huge – ten feet or more -cresting and crashing onto the shallows. Even standing ankle deep in surf the hard pull of the water could be felt. What a glorious testament to Your power Father.

There were woods near the beach with hiking trails marked off. When it came time to cool off I headed for the refuge of the trees with my friend hanging on my shoulder. Coming to a fork in the trail I noticed one way (the more interesting looking route) was filled with rocks, some glistening from the stream trickling by. Humm. The other path lead slightly uphill. Being alone I decided to pass on the potentially slippery rocks. But it made for a pretty picture. Looking through my friend’s eye I focused and….got a message: “Insert disc.” Hump. I never took it out. I point and attempted to click again. “Insert disc.” I remove the disc, reinsert it, and… “Insert disc.” Really Lord? You know how I love to take pictures; I must have a hundred albums full of them. It’s one of the few pleasures I have. Please, please, pleaeeese? I lifted my camera again… “Insert disc.”

Ugh!!! Discussed, I half stomped up the hill. One of the few pleasures I have Lord. Really?! Really? As I move up the path it opens into a small clearing. A simple slightly rugged cross about five feet high stands with a plaque: “In loving memory of Patty Smith.”** Uh! I knew her!! I know her parents. I remember when she died. A beautiful teen lost in a horrible auto accident. I stepped back. Raising my camera I prayed, “Please Lord. Please let me take this picture. “Click.” It worked!! I pointed to the cross a second time. “Click.” Thank You, Father! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

Happy, I turn to begin my trek back to the beach. I mentally chastise myself for being so rude to the Lord. Please forgive me Father. He always answers our prayers; it’s just that sometimes the answer is “no.” I don’t like that answer.

I stop to take a picture of the trickling stream. I point and … “Insert disk.” I sigh. Thank You, Father. I do appreciate You answering my prayer at the cross.

*An experience shared by Linda W.

**Not her real name.

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