Hugging My Heavenly Father

“And I bowed low and worshiped the Lord….” (Genesis 24:48, New American Standard Bible)

A dear friend of mine is a “child magnet.” Children, even those Dianne* has never met, gravitate to her. When she interviewed for a position as a reading specialist, the school principal showed her around the campus. Stopping in one of the classrooms the principal pointed out a few things. While they were there a child – one Dianne had never met – walked up to her and, without a word, gave her a hug. Afterward, the principal looked at her and asked, “Do you know that child?” My friend chucked and responded, “No, I just seem to have that effect on children.”

Walking the hall sometime later, one of her students came up and gave her a loving hug. “Where have you been Ms. Miles? I miss you!” Dianne explained that due to some schedule changes the reading class had been canceled for a few days.

As Dianne continued through the hall the Lord spoke to her: “You know how you feel when a child hugs you? That’s how I feel when My children worship Me.”

Wow. I never thought about how the Lord feels when we worship Him. I know we grieve Him when we “misbehave,” hurting others and ourselves, following the inclinations of our heart rather than His desires for us. I believe He is proud of us when we “do good.” But I never considered what makes Him feel loved, what deeply touches His heart.

It is awesome to realize I can “hug” my Heavenly Father, the Lord of all creation.

Thank You, Father, for sharing that every time I bow my heart in worship I am hugging You, the One Who created me and gave His very life for me. The One who most deserves my love and appreciation.

Thank You, Lord, for showing me how to hug You.

*Not her real name.

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