Fixing Things

As women, when we see a need or a problem, often our first response is to “fix it;” fill the need, solve the problem.

Years ago the Lord showed me a pressing need, heavy on His heart. It was a need I was aware of, but hadn’t really considered.

I assumed I needed to do something to “fix it,” to help solve the problem. Unable to take physical action at the time, I imagined what my “fix it” role would eventually look like, what doing something would mean. Recently I realized that physical action, an “active role” (as I defined it) may not be His will.

Sometimes the Lord shows us something to soften and grow our heart, to give us deeper understanding, to meld our heart to His. His call to action may begin and end with prayer.

Prayer is underrated.

“…God was moved by prayer….” (2 Samuel 21:14, New American Standard Bible)

When we pray we are doing something – and we are being obedient. But since we may not see tangible evidence of our doing, we’re tempted to discredit the labor. Like the invisible work of the tech team, or of those who clean the restrooms or vacuum the sanctuary, prayer is an absolute necessity.

Father, help me to accept that just because You show me a need or a problem doesn’t mean You want me to fill or “fix” it. Help me to listen closely, trust Your heart, and obediently do Your will.

(C) Debbie Lowe, 2019

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