Five-and-a-half-year-old Katie jumped and danced in her purple unicorn shirt with matching leggings. So much energy! I remember a day when she literally jumped up and down in place: “Why are you jumping, Katie?” “Because I like to jump” came her nearly breathless reply.

I find myself wondering why so much energy is granted to the young. Jumping up and down in place is a clear give-away that they don’t know what to do with it all. At more than ten times her age, I have “a list a mile long” of things I could use that energy for. But, alas, just watching her tires me out.

Why is it, Lord, that You grace the young with sooo much energy and the aging with so little? Could it be that You long for us to sit quietly with You, enjoying Your presence? I must admit, if I had Katie’s energy I’d probably never sit still… so much I could do, so much I could accomplish….

Maybe the lions share of accomplishments has (or should have) already been completed. That leaves me feeling discouraged. Time to do something seems “meaningful” is all but gone (as is my energy).

“‘Cease striving and know that I am God….’” (Psalms 46:10, New American Standard Bible)

Taking time to sit quietly with You, to lean in and hear Your voice, is meaningful, even if it’s not immediately evident.

You are God…and You have a perfect plan. Perhaps part of that plan is for Your more mature children to spend more time sitting quietly with You, listening to and appreciating Your voice, growing greater wisdom and grace.

Father, help me realize and appreciate the gems to be found sitting quietly with You.

(C)Debbie Lowe 2018

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