Bold Obedience

“…the sons of Israel started out boldly, in the sight of all the Egyptians.” NASB

The “Big Game” was over; the underdogs won.

By anyone’s standards, it was a good game. The underdogs (who had never won a “Big Game”) met the five-time winner and was ahead more than three-quarters of the game. While the opposition did manage to best them for a short while, in the end, the underdogs won out, foiling the last seconds’ effort by their opponent.

During the celebration that immediately followed, the coach, the quarterback and another key player ascended the platform briefly responding to a few questions. Their comments were surprising.

All three men gave thanks and glory to God. All three!! In front of millions of people… across the country… all over the world. In a country that espouses tolerance of all beliefs except Christianity, You arranged the extremely public testimony of three strong, highly revered men at the pinnacle of their careers. Testimony that was not an afterthought, but a forethought of the One who is clearly at the center of their lives. Doubtless, many who heard their words would not think to darken the door of a church except perhaps for a wedding or a funeral. But now some will. At least a few who have summarily discounted You will ponder their heroes, regard the remarks, and consider Jesus.

The faithful, bold obedience of these men will have an effect on eternity.

Lord, whether it’s in front of millions, dozens or just one person, help us to be faithful, to be boldly obedient, giving You the glory, extending Your reach to more of Your beloved lost children.

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